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God is Yours
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God is a gift.
You have a God.

God made Himself a gift to you.
You know this?

There are things trying to block your trust in
this love of God.

God does not want you alone, hopeless, and discouraged.
The enemy of God wants you alone, hopeless, and discouraged.

Think straight.
I declare that the boundaries are now dissolving.
I inherited that right and so will you.

Knowing this Love of God changes everything.
A change is happening.
Good things are happening by God,

Jesus is the Door


Look to God.
Do not look back.

-Daniel Boone aka Spiritblood

Have a God day

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"How to Thrive in the current Economy"

Give and it shall be given unto you
that is what I want to do for you
Do unto others
as you would want them to do for you


MOTTO: Walk in the Light and you'll be alright!

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